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Diagnostic Services

Radiographs (X-rays) are extremely useful for diagnosing medical problems. An X-ray can often pinpoint the organ where a problem is occurring. Tumors and foreign bodies can be observed in an X-ray. They can aid in the diagnosis of joint issues such as fractures, hip dysplasia, and any arthritic changes in joints and bones. Gastrointestinal problems, bladder stones, heart disease and lung disease can be diagnosed quickly and efficiently using X-rays. Our Doctors and Veterinary Technicians are well trained in operating our X-ray equipment.

For a faster diagnosis, Lewiston Animal Hospital is now equipped with digital radiology. This is new technology that produces better images than traditional film radiographs.

Digital Xray,Lewiston Animal Hospital, Lewiston, NY

There are many benefits for your pet using digital equipment:

  • Exposure to radiation is greatly reduced for your pet as fewer images are needed.
  • Fewer radiographs and no time is needed for film development which means less time for your pet on the x-ray table.
  • Images can be directly sent to a specialist by email. This allows faster response time to your pet's health issue.
  • After an X-ray is taken the image can be enhanced and contrasted to further eliminate the need for further X-rays.
  • Our Doctor's have instant access to your pet's radiographs. Images appear on a computer screen within 4 seconds. This saves critical time in an emergency situation.